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In the recent days, you will realize that most people are suffering from psychological problems in silence. When these problems are not well catered for by a professional counselor, they can escalate and result in mental problems. Technology has moved counseling to greater heights, where in this era you can find counseling services online. An online counselor is a trained person who gives guidance and solutions to social and psychological problems via the internet. The services are offered via emails, live chats and video calls. Online counseling is more advantageous compared to traditional forms of counseling where you were required to book appointments with the counselor and attend to some sessions physically which could even last for more than two hours, but with the online counseling, it's very flexible and convenient. There are a lot of cons on the internet who impersonate to be online counselors, and this is why it is advisable you take your time and check on some tips before you hire the services of an online counselor. Here are some of the crucial things that you should prioritize checking for when you need online counseling services. Here's a good read about online relationship counseling, check it out!


License and Certification


Due to the high number of cons in the counseling industry, it is recommended before you hire his services you should first enquire if he is licensed. For a person to become a therapist, he/she should have the recommended education background, get certification by the relevant counseling bodies and then obtain a practice license. This is the only way that you can tell whether you are hiring a legit and licensed online therapist.


What mode is used to offer the e-therapy services?


There are a variety of chances than the counseling can be offered on the internet. Before you settle on hiring a specific online counselor you ought to enquire on which method he/she uses to administer his services, some the therapist use email, video conferencing or even real time chat. You should go for the service that suits your mode of communication. You would not want to hire a therapist who uses video conferencing while you are not conversant with it.


Professionalism and availability


Every professional has its ethics that should be adhered to. You would not want to hire the services of an online therapist who uses bias language rude. When sourcing for a counselor it's advisable you check on his reputation and how he administers his/her services. A professional online therapist should be available whenever you need his services and also respond to your requests on time. This is the only way you can hire the best online therapist.